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Male International Airport

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Male Int. Airport

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Maldives International Airport

Male international airport is the international airport of the Maldives. All flights to the Maldives land at Male airport.  Since the Maldives is a very popular destination, and air is the only means of transport for travelling here, you will find flights to Male international airport from many different countries including the UK, Austria, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Singapore, to name a few.

Officially, the name of Male airport is Male interantional airport, but that has not always been the case. Formerly, the Male airport name was Hulhule Airport, Male airport where is located on Hulhule Island. The Male international airport name changed from Hulhule to Male in 1981 when the Maldives Male airport privatization occurred.  The Male intl airport is the only airport in the Maldives that accepts international flights. There is another Male Maldives airport, called Gan, but this does not yet accept international flights.  There are regular flights between Male Hulhule airport and Gan airport.

There are a variety of Male airport services, including internet access, buy dollars Male airport, gift shop, Male international airport shops, post office, airport Male travel agency and restaurants at the airport Male.  These Male airport facilities are aimed to make your waiting time in the airport as pleasant as possible. If you need are thinking about getting us dollars in Male airport, this is possible.  These Male airport shops do not come for free, however, and as such, a US$ 12 airport tax Male is charged as a departure tax to all passengers leaving Male airport Maldives. Most of the time, the Male airport tax is added to all airline tickets, but sometimes the Male airport departure tax is not added and you might have to pay the Male airport taxes at the Male international airport Maldives.

Video of landing at Male Intl Airport

The Male intl. airport has not always been so well equipped.   Facilities at Male airport were greatly improved in a recent renovation and now the shopping Male airport is quite good with many items being sold in the duty free shops.  However, things are not really that cheap, so don’t come to Male airport duty free planning on doing a lot of tax free Male airport shopping!

Where is Male airport? The international Male airport is located on Hulhule island, in the North Male Atoll.  Maldives Male airport is located very close to some of the resorts in the Maldives, but other resorts can be located up to several hours away by water taxi. For this reason, travel to Male international airport is often done in a small airplane.  How to go to Male from airport? If your destination is Male, which it probably will be if you are going on a liveaboard holiday,

The Male int airport is just a few kilometers away from Male and you can get from Male to airport quickly in a water taxi.

Male Airport Flights

At present, there are 25 airlines flying to Male international airport from more than 25 cities around the world.  Flying from london to Male international airport takes around 9 hours and flights from Male airport to other cities of course vary considerably in length.  The most common Male airport airlines are British Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airlines and Lufthansa.  Departure flights from Male airport Maldives leave throughout the day every day of the year. There are no Male airport night flights; the last flight usually leaves about 11pm. There is not much going on at nigt time in Male airport, so if you have a very early or late flight, you should look into one of the hotels on Hulhule Island.  When at the airport, if you have a problem with your flight or need to ask a question, contact a passenger handling agent of Male intl airport.

Airport Male

Emirates flights to Maldives 600x448 Male International Airport

The Emirates Boeing 777 at Airport Male

You can find information about Male airport international departure and arrivals on the Male iternational airport website.

The most frequent visitors to the Maldives are the British, so Male international airport flights to UK are some of the most regular Male airport flights, mainly handled by British Airways or one of the many charter flights companies.  While the Maldives is becoming a more popular destination with Americans, there are still no flights with AA to Male intl airport and so to get to the Male international airport Male from the US, travelers need to connect through Europe, Asia or the Middle East.  Flights from Bangkok to Male international airport in Maldives, are some of the most common international flights to Male international airport from Asia, just like direct flights from Delhi to Male international airport.  For connections through the Middle East, you will find there are many flights between Doha and Male airport.

Male Airport landing

A quick look at any Male airport pictures will tell you that landing at Male airport is a spectacular event, since the Male Maldives airport flights land on the runway which is surrounded by beautiful clear waters.  In fact, the end of every Male airport flight will make you think you are about to land on water because from the window, you can only see water!  If you’re coming to the Male internacional airport to scuba dive, you’ll be keen to know whether you can partake in a Male airport dive because the water is so stunning. There is not much diving around the Male international airport MLE, because the waters here are very busy and it’s better to dive away from the airport, where you will see more marine life.  To get from Male international airport to Male, you need to take a water taxi from airport to Male or you can take a plane to another island.  Many resorts have their own transport to take you from Male international airport direct to your hotel.

Male Airport departure

When it’s time to leave the Maldives, you’ll be wondering how to get to Male international airport. There are several different ways, so it depends on where you were staying and what you were doing.  There are many water taxi service to Male international airport, and some resorts offer flights to Male internaional airport.  Alternatively, you can find flights Male international airport from a selection of Male dives airport name.  Once you arrive at where is Male i nternational airport, you will need to check whether your ticket already includes the airport departure tax in Male. Of course, if it’s not included, is there any facility to pay fine in Male international airport.    The amount of airport tax of Male internationnal airport is US$ 12.  When you are checking in, it’s also a good time to see about getting a Male airport upgrade on your flight.  When all this is done, you can spend the rest of the time enjoying the duty free at Male airport.  Be aware that any liquids purchased in Male airport duty free dive will be kept by the duty free shop inside international airport Maldives Male and then handed to you as you board the plane.

Airport Tax

The Male airport fee, otherwise known as the airport taxes Male has also helped create a strong Male airport online presence.  On the website,, there is lots of information, including Male online airport inf ticket prices, Male international airport information, details of the facilities within the airport, including the Male airport foreign exchange, details of the airlines coming to the airport, the Male airport leaving tax,  flight schedule Male international airport and much more, including the Male airport contact details. On this website, you will also see a selection of Male airport pics and Male airport photo.

The exact Male international airport address is:

Maldives Airports Company Ltd.

Malé International Airport, Hulhulé – 22000, Republic of Maldives

The other Male international airport contact details are:

Telephone: (960)3338800 / (960)3325511


More information can be found about Male international airport and fares on the many Maldives-related websites that you can find online. As well as learning where is Male international airport, you will also find lots of pictures of Male airport, airport taxes in Male, information about where to buy online ticket from Male to Gan airport in Maldives, details about shops selling tax frees on Male airport and much more.

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