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The return of FREE Maldives Photo Workshops with Jordi Chias 

February 28th, 2017 Comments off

1216 whale shark silhouette 300x450 The return of FREE Maldives Photo Workshops with Jordi Chias Following Emperor Maldives’ highly successful free photo workshop trips in 2016, they are back in the Maldives as follows:

Join highly acclaimed photographer, Jordi Chias, who will once again be sharing his vast experience and the workshops for FREE!

Emperor Orion
3 – 10 December 2017
Best of Maldives


Emperor Serenity
10 – 17 December 2017
Best of Maldives.

Prices start from €1869 

What do you get? Jordi will be onboard offering a FREE mini Photography Workshop for guests who would like to improve their underwater and general photography and make the most of his 16 years’ experience.

With work published in many different media and recognized with prominent mentions, among them the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Jordi has a wealth of knowledge that guests can tap into during the week.

During the trip he will give daily talks, reviews and comments on guests’ images in order to improve results as well as sharing techniques to help with computer picture processing at basic level.

Guests must bring their own cameras. Also, although not a speciality, Jordi can help improve video skills.

For more information, email our friendly, knowledgeable team today.


A picture paints a thousand words (so they say), so our little gallery will paint a library!

September 19th, 2016 Comments off

0916 photo gallery 300x300 A picture paints a thousand words (so they say), so our little gallery will paint a library!



Enjoy browsing our Photo Gallery of Maldives magic.
Liveaboards, marine life, resorts, hotels, diving, snorkelling and good old-fashioned fun!

Discover more here.

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More mantas than you can believe!

August 11th, 2016 Comments off

Just look at these photos from Emperor Virgo

0816 manta from virgo 300x199 More mantas than you can believe!

There are some amazing photos from Virgo of mantas like never before!

Click the photo to enjoy them all on Facebook here.

Want to be there?
How about 2 – 9 October on Emperor Virgo for a Manta Madness trip.
Just 1715 Euros!

>> More on Emperor Virgo here…




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Hanifaru Bay Dive Trips 2010

May 21st, 2010 Comments off

Dive Hanifaru 2010!

Summer 2010 is approaching quickly and with it come many new opportunities to dive with manta rays and whale sharks in the incredible Hanifaru Bay dive site in Baa Atoll, the Maldives Hanifaru Bay has sprung to fame in recent years after being featured in the National Geographic Magazine.  As shown in the documentary, Hanifaru is the setting for a spectacular natural phenomenon known as a manta ray “feeding frenzy”, during which up to 200 manta rays and up to a dozen whale sharks gather together to feed voraciously on the massive amounts of plankton found in Hanifaru Bay during the months of August and September each year.

Reserve your space on a magical dive safari of Hanifaru Bay today!

Maldives Underwater Photos Beautiful Manta Rays 300x224 Hanifaru Bay Dive Trips 2010

Manta Ray Feeding Frenzy at Hanifaru Bay in the Maldives

Maldives Dive Travel Hanifaru Safaris

Maldives Dive Travel is off offering several Baa Atoll dive safaris for 2010, which will include a visit to Hanifaru Bay, weather permitting.  These dive safaris are available on either Theia liveaboard or MV Orion Liveaboard.

Theia Dive Safaris to Hanifaru

Theia 2 300x225 Hanifaru Bay Dive Trips 2010

Theia Dive Safaris to Hanifaru Bay

Theia, the brand new luxury liveaboard, launched in Februrary 2010, has several 7-night dive safaris of the Baa Atoll and the North Male Atoll, home to some of the Maldives’ finest dive sites including Lion’s Head, Okobe Thila and Banana Reef, to name a few.

Theia departs Male on the following dates for this amazing Hanifaru Bay scuba safari:

July 19 – 26 | August 2 – 9 | August 9 – 16 | September 6 – 13.  The price for the safari is USD $1,344 per person which includes 2 or 3 dives each day, all meals and accommodation.

MV Orion Dive Safari to Hanifaru Bay MV Orion Screen 6 300x225 Hanifaru Bay Dive Trips 2010

MV Orion Cruises to Hanifaru Bay

MV Orion, another of the Maldives’ most luxurious liveaboards, is also offering safaris that will visit Hanifaru as well as sites in the Baa Atoll, Ari Atoll and North and South Male Atolls.

Space is extremely limited for this special Hanifaru Bay dive safari, which departs Male on September 3 for a 10-night trip.  The cost of the trip is USD $1,990 per person which includes all meals, accommodation and 2 or 3 dives each day.

Don’t miss out on this scuba adventure of a lifetime.  Contact Maldives Dive Travel today to find out more and reserve your space.

Underwater Photography Tips

November 26th, 2009 Comments off

Tips for taking photographs underwater!

It is natural that scuba divers want to capture the impressive images of colorful coral, flighty fish and prodigious pelagics that occupy the world beneath the water’s surface. Who wouldn’t want to capture the moment when a massive whale shark or manta ray casually brushes against your body! Recently, the Black Pearl liveaboard came upon a school of mobula rays, the second biggest ray after the manta.

 Underwater Photography Tips

School of Mobula Rays

Although the fundamentals of photography remain the same underwater, the medium through which light travels shifts from air to water, meaning that special techniques and equipment must be used in order to capture that winning shot.

Underwater Photography Tips for Compact Cameras

Tip #1 – Do not utilize the digital zoom!

Tip #2 – If adding an external strobe that is optically fired, shroud the front of the housing with duct tape, directly in front of the internal flash. If this is not done, the internal flash with create backscatter. Tip: The underwater camera housing is a very important and essential piece of equipment. This is the one thing that will keep your underwater camera dry.

Tip #3 – Become familiar with the focusing distance of your camera in and out of macro mode. Utilize macro mode when you are within the macro focusing distance.

Tip #4 – When utilizing an external flash, place it as far away from your housing as possible and block your internal flash (to reduce backscatter).

Tip #5 – Use your dive light to help your camera autofocus.

Tip #6 – When you turn your flash off, set your camera to underwater mode or white-balance it manually.

Underwater Photography Tips for Compact Cameras and Internet Flash

Tip #7 – The lower the visibility, the closer to the subject you must be to avoid backscatter.

Tip #8 - For better colors, avoid using the flash when shooting more than 3 to 4 feet away.

Tip #9 – Use manual white balance mode when not using the flash.

Tip #10- Set white balance to auto when not using the flash.

Maldives Underwater Photos Manta and Scuba Diver Underwater Photography Tips

Scuba Diver and Manta Ray

The new Alert Diver Magazine is online!

September 2nd, 2009 Comments off

ALERT DIVER is DAN Europe’s quarterly magazine. It brings news from the dive world about events organized by DAN Europe, and contains interesting articles about diving medicine and research, training and diving safety.

Why a digital version of our magazine?

As Dr Alessandro Marroni (Editor-in-Chief of the Alert Diver Magazine) points out in the first Editorial of the new e-version, “our magazine became more environment friendly, saving tons of paper every year”.

Thanks to the digital transition, DAN Europe is now able to publish the Alert Diver Magazine in 13 languages: English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Polish, Finnish, Croatian, Czech, Slovenian, Turkish, Hungarian…Many more languages will be available with the next issues!

Discover how the e-Edition pairs the convenience & interactivity of online content with the familiar feel & design of a hard-copy magazine.

Choose your language from the ones listed below and read now your copy of AD Magazine!

** Download times vary depending on broadband connection speed and Network traffic. For offline reading, please try the pdf document

Join Maldives Scuba Diving Flickr Group and Upload Your Underwater Photos!

August 24th, 2009 Comments off

Join Maldives Scuba Diving Flickr Group & Upload Your Underwater Photos!


maldives scuba diving flickr group 1024x582 Join Maldives Scuba Diving Flickr Group and Upload Your Underwater Photos!