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SAVE 20% on Stingray | New dates

September 12th, 2016 Comments off

Fantastic value | Great diving!

15 – 22 October
29 October – 5 November
05- 12 November

Maldives Liveaboard Stingray 300x225 SAVE 20% on Stingray | New dates

Last Minute Deal on Stingray Liveaboard

Best of Maldives
Usual price: 1554 USD
Now just 1246 USD per person in twin share cabin
20% OFF last minute discount

Stingray is a solid wooden boat combining traditional Maldivian boat-building with modern engineering. Nine comfortable cabins (four with double and five with twin beds) all have air conditioning, ensuites and external portholes for that ‘must see’ vista of the Indian Ocean.

More information on Stingray here or click here to watch a video including a star appearance by a whale shark!

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SAVE 20% on Stingray Fantastic value and delightful diving

September 6th, 2016 Comments off
Maldives Liveaboard Stingray 300x225 SAVE 20% on Stingray Fantastic value and delightful diving

Liveaboard Scuba Trips on Stingray Liveaboard

17 – 24 September
Best of Maldives
Usual price: 1302 USD
Now just 1042 USD per person in twin share cabin
20% OFF last minute discount

Stingray is a solid wooden boat combining traditional Maldivian boat-building with modern engineering. Nine comfortable cabins (four with double and five with twin beds) all have air conditioning, ensuites and external portholes for that ‘must see’ vista of the Indian Ocean.

More information on Stingray here or click here to watch a video including a star appearance by a whale shark.

January 2010 Holiday in the Maldives

December 31st, 2009 Comments off

January 2010 Holiday on Stingray

Maldives Dive Travel has just announced another great special offer on the Stingray liveaboard, so you can enjoy a great January 2010 holiday at an unbeatable price.

MaldivesDiveTravel Stingray Screen 7 January 2010 Holiday in the Maldives

January 2010 Diving Holiday

The Stingray liveaboard is confirmed to depart from Male, the capital of the Maldives, on January 25th, for a seven-night scuba diving safari, stopping at the best dive sites in the Maldives. The Stingray liveaboard has long been one of the most popular liveaboard safari ships in the Maldives.

Stingray Liveaboard Features

The Stingray liveaboard has 9 comfortable cabins, offering accommodation for up to 18 people per cruise.  All cabins have air-conditioning and a private, hot-water, en-suite bathroom.  Towel service is provided regularly throughout the cruise.  As well as amazing scuba diving, Stingray liveaboard cruises also include several other activities, including snorkeling, island visits, beach barbecues, fishing and simply relaxing on board.

MaldivesDiveTravel Stingray Screen 10 January 2010 Holiday in the Maldives

January 2010 Diving

January is one of the best months in the year for scuba diving in the Maldives, since the weather is dry and warm and the visibility is great.  Divers at this time are likely to encounter whale sharks, manta rays, grey reef sharks, eagle rays and many other, smaller marine life.  The Maldives really is one of the world’s finest scuba diving destinations and this great opportunity should not be missed!

Maldives Underwater Photos Diver and Whale Shark January 2010 Holiday in the Maldives

What’s included in this January 2010 Holiday?

This January 2010 holiday aboard Stingray includes transfers from the Male airport to the Stingray liveaboard, three meals and snacks each day and all scuba diving.  There will be 2 or 3 dives each day.

All of this is included at a price of just USD 1,246 per person.  There are limited places, so book yours today!

Black Pearl Liveaboard Searches for a Whale Shark

November 21st, 2009 Comments off

Black Pearl Liveaboard searches for a Whale Shark around the Maldivian Atolls…

After three and a half hours, the Black Pearl live aboard crossed Alihurash Kandu (name given to the channel between Male’ Atoll and Ari Atoll) and reached the Southern Ari Atoll. The weather in the Maldives has been great since day one, and has remained extremely pleasant ever since.

Dive to Omadhoo Thila

On the morning of the 19th, we performed a dive at Omadhoo Thila. The current was relatively strong, and divers had the opportunity to see eagle rays, napoleon wrasse, and dogtooth tuna.

The search for a whale shark began at about 10:00 a.m. and continued till 3:00 p.m.  Unfortunately, we did not spot the massive filter-feeder.

Maldives Underwater Blue Striped Snapper Diver 580x385 Black Pearl Liveaboard Searches for a Whale Shark

Bluestripe snapper and diver

Dive to Kuda Rah Thila

The Black Pearl live aboard’s second dive was to Kuda Rah Thila (a protected marine area). With almost no current and visibility around 12 meters, divers got to explorer Kuda Rah Thila at length. With or without current, Kuda Rah Thila has an abundance of fish life and excellent coral growth. Lutjanus kasmira, commonly called bluestripe snapper, is one of the main attractions at Kuda Rah Thila.

Dive to Kudhimaa Wreck, aka Machafushi Wreck

The divers started the 20th with a morning diving at Kudhimaa Wreck, also known as Machafushi Wreck. The Kudhimaa Wreck was purposely scuttled in 1998 to provide a wreck dive for scuba divers (If you enjoy wrecks, check out Maldives Victory Wreck and the Kuda Giri Wreck). The highlights from the Kudhimaa Wreck were sting rays, eagle rays and many more.

Dive to Dhigaa Thila

The second dive of the day was to Dhigaa Thila, where the divers saw a few grey reef sharks and colorful soft coral.

BBQ on Raidhigaa Island

The excellent weather gave Black Pearl Live aboard divers a chance of enjoying a great night of BBQ dinner on Raidhigaa Island.

Liveaboard Scuba Trips

October 29th, 2009 Comments off

Liveaboard Scuba Trips

Liveaboard scuba trips are a great holiday idea for scuba diving enthusiasts around the world.  Liveaboard scuba trips are a kind of cruise in a popular scuba diving destination like the Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia or Australia, which take place on a power boat or yacht that has been furnished to accommodate groups of scuba divers and equipped to carry all the necessary items required for an excellent liveaboard scuba trip. Dream Catcher II 1 Screen Liveaboard Scuba Trips

Liveaboard Scuba Trips on Dream Catcher II

Liveaboard Scuba Trips in the Maldives

Liveaboard scuba trips are among the best ways to experience the Maldives.  Known all over the world for the amazing scuba diving, the islands cover a large territory, across which there are just hundreds of fantastic scuba diving sites.  By going on a liveaboard scuba trip in the Maldives, scuba divers have the opportunity to cruise around this spectacular country and visit a greater variety of scuba diving sites than scuba divers who choose to stay at one of the many resorts in the Maldives.

 Liveaboard Scuba Trips

Liveaboard Scuba Trips on MV Orion

Liveaboard Scuba Trip Prices

Liveaboard scuba trips are surprisingly reasonably priced considering the quality and service offered on these trips.  Most liveaboard scuba trips are sold on an all-inclusive basis, which include all meals, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks and most importantly, all scuba diving.  Considering that in many scuba diving destinations around the world, a single dive can cost around USD $50, paying between USD $150 and USD $250 per day on a liveaboard scuba trip seems very reasonable.  Maldives Dive Travel offers the widest selection of liveaboard scuba trips in the Maldives and, depending on the liveaboard boat you choose, prices range between USD $168 on the Stingray Liveaboard and USD $380 on the MV Orion Liveaboard.

Galileo Web Size Liveaboard Scuba Trips

Liveaboard Scuba Trips on Galileo

Last Minute Deals on Liveaboard Scuba Trips

As with all kinds of holidays, the best prices for liveaboard scuba trips can be found on last minute deals.  There are several last minute deals on liveaboard scuba trips being offered at the moment.  Take advantage of great prices on liveaboard scuba trips on Stingray Liveaboard, Black Pearl Liveaboard, Galileo Liveaboard and Dream Catcher II Liveaboard with Maldives Dive Travel.

What Happened after Steve Irwin’s Deadly Stingray Encounter?

August 28th, 2009 Comments off

Steve Irwin’s Afterlife Is a Source of Rumours

Almost three years after Steve Irwin was killed by a Stingray in Batt Reef, off the coast of Queensland in Australia, rumors are still circulating about what happened to Steve Irwin after his death.

Irwin 198x300 What Happened after Steve Irwins Deadly Stingray Encounter?

Steve Irwin Wrestles a Crocodile

Steve Irwin Fed to a Crocodile?

Allegedly, at Steve Irwin’s funeral, his body was fed to a crocodile, although his wife Terri has stood up against these rumors saying they are not true at all and she finds them offensive.

Steve Irwin Killed by Stingray

Steve Irwin was killed while scuba diving by a stingray he was playing with.  As the ray circled his body, the barb got stuck in his body and he was killed.  There is actually a video of his Stingray encounter here:

Remembering Steve Irwin

September 2009 will mark the three-year anniversary of Steve Irwin’s death.  It is a good time to look back on his amazing life and the contribution he made to our society and our knowledge and understanding of the animals around us.  RIP Steve Irwin.

MV Sting Ray continues towards southern Ari atoll.

July 18th, 2009 Comments off

Rasdhoo to North Ari atoll

Early morning Hammer Head dive took place at Rasdhoo Madivaru on Thursday, the underwater condition was poor mainly because of visibility. Only few divers got to witness 4 Hammerhead Sharks.

Anchored at Maayfushi lagoon and went off for second dive at Maaya Thila which turned out to be an amazing dive.

Much more action on Maaya Thila during the night dive, the current condition was strong which led to heaps of White Tip Reef sharks and many other fish.

Big%20nose%20unicorn%20fish MV Sting Ray continues towards southern Ari atoll.

(Big Nose Surgeon Fish)

Moving South

Out of 3 dives which took place on Friday, Mushimasmingili Thila (Fish Head) ranks first and interesting dive, clear visibility with average current and tons of fish including 4 Gray Reef Sharks.

The second most interesting dive holds Raidhigaa Thila, again with very clear waters, displaying colorful soft corals and many Gray Reef Sharks.

Whale Shark search

Saturdays first dive to Angaga Thila, the visibility remain unchanged but its resident Gray Reef Sharks and Tuna’s were missing due to inadequate current.

The same story repeated on the southern border and didn’t catch sight of whale sharks too and the visibility on 3rd dive at 5 rocks remains very poor.

Gaint%20Squirrel%20%20fish MV Sting Ray continues towards southern Ari atoll.

(Gaint Squirrel fish)

Mantas at Dhigu Rah Lagoon

On returning from the dive to main boat the dive guide spotted Mantas inside the lagoon from Dhigu Rah. Having enough time before sunset, everyone decided to go for snorkeling with Mantas.

MV Sting Ray will be heading to south Male’ atoll tomorrow and will perform the top dive sites including around south Male’ before the trip comes to an end.

MV Sting Ray sets sail on the 2nd trip of this season

July 16th, 2009 Comments off

Set Sail

MV Sting Ray set sail on her second trip of the season on the 14th July 2009. With a total of 13 divers from Germany and UK, Sting Ray heads to Himmafushi on the first day after the check dive.

Orientation dive was made at Lanka Manta Point with mild out going current and the divers go to witness 7 magnificent manta rays just gliding above their heads at the cleaning Station.

Manta Point was repeated the next day morning as a request from all the divers but this time it was just one single manta. Second dive to Rasfari, here the visibility was much better with clear blue water.

MV%20Sting%20Ray MV Sting Ray sets sail on the 2nd trip of this season

Channel crossing and weather

After the second dive Sting Ray cross over to Rasdhoo atoll and dived at Rasdhoo Madivaru before entering into north Ari Atoll. Rasdhoo Madivaru with poor visibility and unstable current turns out to be a satisfying dive. Few Gary Reef sharks, napoleons and white tip reef sharks were among the highlights.

Today MV Sting Ray will move to Maaya Thila for a day dive and for the night dive.

Weather conditions today: scattered rain showers with isolated thunderstorm, wind from south southeast at 10-20 mph, gust 45 mph and seas are moderate becoming rough during showers.

An easy start.

March 13th, 2009 Comments off

We started with the orientation dive this morning at 6:30, the first dive at Velassaru Caves. The current was a bit strong but as this was an outer reef the divers didn’t face any difficulties.

The second dive at Vaadhoo Caves at around 12:30. The current was less compared to the first dive. We saw couple of Napoleons, Eagle Ray and every one enjoyed this dive.

We are at south Male’ atoll near Guraidhoo for final anchorage and the third dive was at Villivaru Giri.

Gorgonian%20Fan%20Coral An easy start.

This is a small pinnacle with top reef at about 3 to 5 meters, all the side’s drop-off with caves and over hangs. The coral growth is above average here and lots of small things can be found here. Located inside the atoll and very much protect from the current.

As this is the first time for all the divers in Maldives and haven’t dived in current, the group requested to dive in site where there is not much current.

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Second week diving continues at Ari atoll.

February 7th, 2009 Comments off

Today we are doing only 2 dives as we have planned to cross the channel to south Ari atoll after the second dive.

Mulah Kandu; is a wide and long channel with a sandy bottom of 30 meter. Caves and overhangs start from the western side of the outer reef close to the channel corner. These caves and over hangs are filled with different colors of soft coral.

parrot%20fish Second week diving continues at Ari atoll.
The coral growth gets better at the corner and near the edge of the channel. One main attraction is the large coral block at the corner in deeper water. The channel bottom is a resting ground for much different species of rays.

Second dive at Ambara Thila; an average Thila with an average fish life; eagle rays, napoleon, sting ray and turtle on the reef top.

We began crossing after the second dive. The surface condition was poor, rough sea and gusty wind.


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