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NEW for 2017 | Deep South & Southern Sharks with Emperor Maldives

November 28th, 2016 Comments off

unbenannt 0233 shark Medium 300x180 NEW for 2017 | Deep South & Southern Sharks with Emperor MaldivesEmperor Maldives has new exciting dive trips sailing to the southerly Maldives atolls and dive into the shark action in these out-of-the-way southern dive sites between Huvadhoo and Laamu.

From February to April, spend time away from the madding crowds and dive Foammulah and Huvadhoo on the lookout for the Indian Ocean’s larger residents; tiger sharks, silver tips, grey reef sharks and whale sharks.

Guests can choose to travel either from Male to Huvadhoo to join their liveaboard or from Huvadhoo to Male. Expect to meet tiger and silver tip sharks around Foamulah. At Huvadhoo, one of the deepest lagoons in the Maldives, the currents are ideal for even more shark sightings including hopefully whale sharks and silkies, hammerheads, tiger and grey sharks spotted most of the time. There are swift channel dives with several kandus; Vilingilli, Nilandhoo, Mareehaa and Kondeey, as well as reef thila dives; Gazeera and Vaadhoo.

This itinerary suits experienced divers (100+ dives) looking for ‘away from it all and different’ diving with quite a focus on drift diving.

Liveaboards operating these routes are Emperor Virgo and Emperor Leo, both with fine accommodation and service as standard. Included is full board, free Nitrox, local transfers.

A video showing the amazing diving on this route can be seen here.

Non-divers are very welcome and get free snorkelling equipment + $50 voucher to spend on board.

26 February – 5 March 2017
Deep South & Southern Sharks, Safari starts Kadhdhoo – Safari ends Gan
7 nights
2548 Eur

5 – 15 March 2017
Deep South & Southern Sharks, Safari starts Gan – Safari ends Kadhdhoo
10 nights
3450 Eur

15 – 25 March
South Central 7 Atolls, Safari starts Kadhdhoo, Safari ends Male
10 nights
3190 Eur

Prices do not include international flights.

Come and meet Emperor Superior

November 18th, 2016 Comments off

0816 Emperor Serenity collage 300x300  Come and meet Emperor SuperiorShe’s proving really popular with guests and is brand new this year. Emperor Serenity is a contemporary, spacious liveaboard where fine accommodation and service is standard. At 40 metres, she easily accommodates 26 guests in 13 well-appointed ensuite cabins all with air-con.

You can enjoy open air dining area on the main deck and a range of sofas and tables await you inside the air-conditioned saloon for relaxing or watching TV. A complimentary glass of wine is served with dinner.

The upper deck has a covered and open area ideal for watching photos and footage from your diving or just relaxing, star gazing and soaking up that magical Maldivian atmosphere. The sundeck is perfect for catching those sunrays or having a nap.

All diving is done from Emperor Serenity’s large dhoni giving you more living space on board and getting you to the perfect dive spot every time. And, as with all Emperor liveaboards, she offers free Nitrox.

Non-divers are very welcome and get a free snorkelling kit + $50 voucher to spend on board.

Dive routes includes Best of Maldives and Manta Madness.

Save money as a group!
When 11 pay, 1 goes free!

How about these to tempt you?
3 – 10 December 2016
Best of Maldives

7 – 14 January 2017
Manta Madness

26 March – 2 April 2017
Best of Maldives

>> Watch a super video here of the boat and diving

>> Discover more about Emperor Serenity here

Come and meet Emperor Orion

November 14th, 2016 Comments off

1116 emperor orion collage with new pics bm 300x300  Come and meet Emperor OrionDesigned and built with the diver in mind and yet just as attractive to the non-diver. At a super-spacious 39 metres, Emperor Orion delivers hotel standards in every aspect. She has an executive suite, 3 twin/double mini suites, 1 junior suite, 3 double and 4 twin/double cabins taking 24 guests in comfort.

A complimentary glass of wine is served with dinner and there’s a spacious lounge and dining areas, Jacuzzi, massage room (paid locally and subject to availability) and a well-stocked bar. The fly deck is incredibly roomy with lots of sunny sunbeds. Wi-Fi is available, when in range, at an additional charge.

Emperor Orion is a super cruiser happily taking you to some of the most alluring dive sites of the Maldives.

All diving takes place from her impressive 19.8m dhoni, which gives you more living space on board and gets you to the perfect dive spot every time. Emperor Orion is rebreather-friendly and offers free Nitrox, all diving and safety equipment as well as a photography charging station and four dive guides.

Non-divers are welcome and get a free snorkelling kit + $50 voucher to spend on board.

As with all Emperor Maldives boats, there is FREE Nitrox.

Dive routes includes Best of Maldives, Manta Madness, South Central 7 Atolls and Deep South and Southern Sharks.

Save money as a group!
When 10 pay, 1 goes free!

How about these to tempt you?
27 November – 4 December 2016
11 – 18 December 2016
Best of Maldives
Each trip €1883

27 December – 5 January 2017
9 nights
South Central 7 Atolls
(Please note, this trip starts in Male and ends at Laamu. Price doesn’t include domestive flights.)

3 – 12 February 2017
9 nights
South Central 7 Atolls
(Please note, this trip starts at Koodhoo and ends in Male. Price doesn’t include domestive flights.)

>> Watch a super video here of the boat and diving

>> Find out more about Emperor Orion here

Or email us today and book

Tempting Ten-Night Diving Adventure

November 3rd, 2016 Comments off

Emperor Virgo – TEN night safari anyone?

0416 virgo collage 300x300  Tempting Ten Night Diving AdventureAs one of the six-liveaboard fleet of Emperor Maldives, here is your guarantee for memorable diving. Emperor Virgo is the perfect choice for when you want to enjoy good-value luxury, offering pretty much everything you need for a perfect getaway. The restaurant serves both western and Asian cuisine complimented with a fully equipped bar. There is also has a Jacuzzi for you to kick back and relax. WiFi is available (20US$ per week). Nitrox is included in the package price.

She welcomes 18 divers over her 32m length and all her ensuite cabins have twin beds with one single. Upper deck cabins have large windows with the most amazing views to the ocean and islands beyond.

Cruise the atolls of Male and Ari knowing you’re getting great value on a liveaboard devoted to your diving holiday (she’s pretty good for non-divers too!).

At a glance
Select liveaboard for just 18 divers
Lower and upper deck twin or double cabin options
Welcoming, spacious saloon and restaurant-style dining area
Mouth-watering cuisine with international dishes
Spacious saloon with internationally stocked bar
Onboard WiFi (local charges) when in range
FREE Nitrox

Christmas in the Maldives?
18 – 25 December
Best of Maldives
1694 Euros

Ten nights in the Maldives?
Deep South & Southern Sharks
Start at Gan and finish at Kadhdhoo
5 – 15 March
3450 Euros
South Central 7 Atolls
Start at Kadhdhoo and finish at Male
15 – 25 March
3190 Euros

Meet Emperor Virgo here for all the information you need (and if it’s not there, then please just ask us!)

Email us today and book


Emperor Serenity trip report and Sailfish! | 3 – 10 September

September 26th, 2016 Comments off


IMG 0084 Medium 300x400 Emperor Serenity trip report and Sailfish! | 3   10 September“It could not have been a more perfect ending to a wonderfully social evening; until we got back to the boat and within minutes a magnificent SAILFISH appeared hunting in the bright light!”

Emperor Serenity has now settled into life extremely well as the new flagship of Emperor Maldives. Her experienced crew has her in ship-shape fashion and, with the combined experience and knowledge of the dive team, makes sure guests enjoy both luxury and incredible diving. The dive team this week were Maldivians, Issey and Maseeh, joined by Stina and Craig.

What a way to start another week – MANTAS! We enjoyed a gentle drift along the reef to the cleaning station where we could see two of these beauties already midway through being cleaned by busy wrasses. Both of the mantas were clearly enjoying the attentions although every now and again it was obvious when tiny teeth nibbled too hard…and the mantas would shudder slightly. We settled into ringside sandy seats with our reef hooks dug in and watched the show…and then another three mantas appeared from behind us. This was brilliant – to watch five mantas as they glided effortlessly through the current, looping and swirling, pirouetting and rolling so close to our heads; awesome. Also super to see was the large hawksbill turtle eating coral and then testing out someone’s reef hook to see if it was worth eating!
Today we had some very fishy dives but it was mainly a shark day. On each of our three dives we enjoyed watching the large grey reef sharks patrol back and forth in the blue waters, whilst the black and white tips generally stayed at a safe distance behind them, hoping to pick up some dropped fishy morsels. At Miyaru Kandu we enjoyed a kaleidoscopic vista of schooling fish filling the watery sky. Everywhere we turned our heads we could see fish, fish and more fish. Several beautiful eagle rays flew quickly past at one stage adding to the sheer variety. It was great to see two large Napoleon wrasse as they bumbled along the reef in their own inimitable fashion. Oriental sweetlips in their dozens were spotted, their yellow, black and white colouring amplified in the sunshine which filtered through from above. Octopus, red tooth triggers, jack trevallies, scorpionfish, bannerfish and several giant dogtooth tunas were some of the highlights. But best of all today was the WHALE SHARK spotted briefly at Lux Beyru before he swiftly descended in to the murky dark depths.

Not a site we dive too often but Issey suggested we jump in here this morning as, when the conditions are perfect, this is one of the most fishy dive sites, but not a lot of people know that! He was right – the conditions were almost perfect with just a sniff of a current and lovely visibility. Away from the reef we saw three types of sharks; greys, black tips and white tip reef sharks, all of which stayed out in the clear blue water watching us, watching them. The water was teeming with all manners of fish – snappers, Moorish idols, red tooth triggers, batfish, jacks; all of which were busy hunting, cleaning and generally doing what fish do! On the reef itself we found a few gloriously decorated nudibranchs, two very well camouflaged scorpionfish and zillions of tiny colourful reef fish darting in and out of the hard corals. Issey was right – a super fishy dive!

Swimming around Kuda Rah this morning was an absolute joy! It’s a brilliant dive site at the best of times but this morning it seemed more amazing than usual. We were the only boat so revelled in having this to ourselves, although the volume of fish tended to push us out a bit! As we ascended into the shallows, after having spent some time exploring the lower edges of the thila, we saw the garden of soft anemones, all open and full of anemone fish guarding their territories with a passion. In the shallower water the light intensity increased almost exaggerating the full beauty of this superb site. Giant trevallies circled the thila looking out for lunch, whilst dogtooth tunas stayed back waiting for the menu to come to them. A couple of sharks were seen as they swam swiftly by, whilst the turtles munched on the top of the reef oblivious to us and our bubbles. Most of our guests ended their dive by the shallow coral block a short distance away from the thila where the tiny fishes were congregating; a lovely place to finish before drifting out into the blue and finally surfacing amidst the clouds of fusiliers.
The thunderous skies of the last week had cleared finally and we all breathed a sigh of relief. The sun was shining most days and this evening’s sunset was as if the horizon was on fire. It was BBQ time! We all loved eating under the stars with sand between our toes and the chatter over dinner was animated and full of laughter. As we departed this small sandbank and made our way back to the luxury of Emperor Serenity, talk dropped to nothing as we all gazed upwards to the most perfect of night time skies – the backdrop was a sheer velvety black scattered with bright stars. It could not have been a more perfect ending to a wonderfully social evening; until we got back to the boat and within minutes a magnificent SAILFISH appeared hunting in the bright light!

It is amazing how quickly a week flies by. We enjoyed some incredible diving and, with Craig’s knowledge of marine biology, learnt some new stuff about the underwater world. Lead by Stina and her calm nature and ready smile we sailed through the Maldivian atolls, whilst Maseeh and his quirky humour headed up the daily entertainment on board the dhoni going to and from the dive sites. Another brilliant trip on board Emperor Serenity.

Our thanks to Chapur Risley for these fantastic photos taken whilst on Serenity. See more of the photos here.

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MV Virgo trip report | You will want to be here

June 20th, 2016 Comments off

IMG 9421ian 300x225 MV Virgo trip report | You will want to be here

Enjoy this ‘makes you want to be there’ report from Constellation Fleet dive guides on MV Virgo.

“Within our first 15 minutes of being in the water for the first dive of this brilliant trip, we had an enormous manta slowly swim over our heads as if to say Welcome to Maldives! And then it just got better.”

Read all about the fun and adventure here – and enjoy the fab photos with thanks to guest, Ian, for sharing.

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SAVE Constellation Fleet Maldives 1 Night Free

June 10th, 2015 Comments off

Constellation Fleet Maldives


8D7N Cruise only Pay for 6 Nights!


Join Maldives premier liveaboard diving fleet in August and September 2015 from as little as USD1500 per person for 8D7N with 17 dives, full-board accommodation, and all the comforts that diving with the best of Maldives entails.

For more information please contact us with any questions on

The Constellation Fleet in Maldives is an Award winning provider of Diving and Liveaboard services, with a dedicated and professional team to take care of your every need while on your well deserved holiday.

The boats are all currently in for their annual 2 month rest and maintenance period. All 3 boats are being given a fresh lick of paint, and minor renovations. The boats will all be getting new air-conditioning systems this year which will add to the already high levels of client comfort.

Why not join Constellation Fleet in August and September to be the first few to experience the fresh feel of these wonderful Liveaboards?

For bookings and more information please contact us on

Special Itineraries 1; Manta, Whaleshark & Wrecks – North

May 30th, 2015 Comments off

Manta, Whaleshark & Wrecks – North (outward trip)

Join Emperor Atoll for these awesome special trips to the North of Maldives:

10 300x200 Special Itineraries 1; Manta, Whaleshark & Wrecks   North

Atolls Visited

These special itineraries have been chosen to run when the manta are most prolific between August and October.

Boarding your liveaboard in Male, you head north to begin your safari ending in Baa Atoll (Hanifaru Bay) where you catch a flight back to Male.

Your journey begins with wreck diving at Gaafaru Atoll, continuing on to the northern atolls of Lhaviyani and Noonu with an abundance of grey reef sharks, exciting channel diving, beautiful coral formations and pinnacles brimming with life.

Baa Atoll is home to Hanifaru Lagoon where you can snorkel with the manta and whalesharks that come to feed on the plankton in this shallow lagoon. Of course, sightings can’t be guaranteed but joining us at this time of year means your chances are really high! Baa Atoll is also home to many pinnacles, overhangs and alternative manta sites.

You can combine this itinerary with the Manta, Whaleshark & Reefs – South itinerary, which is the return trip but calling at different sites, making an exciting two week safari covering eight atolls. Contact us for details and prices.

Please note: This itinerary is at the Cruise Director’s discretion based on the weather and current conditions to ensure you get the most possible interactions with manta and whaleshark.

You don’t need a minimum number of dives but you should be comfortable with drift dives. Currents can be strong. All your diving is made from dhonis or zodiacs to give precise entry and exits points. Experienced divers can dive in a buddy pair unguided.

JUST ANNOUNCED – Amazing Last Minute Baa Atoll Cruise

July 24th, 2010 Comments off

Magnificent Maldives Dive Trip with Whale Shark Biologists!

Unique safari departs August 30th – 14-night trip $2,590 per person (includes fuel surcharge and marine biologist fee)

Upon arrival in the Maldivian capital Male (the most densely populated piece of land on the planet) the crew will meet and transfer you to your home, away from the hustle and bustle of life, for the next two weeks – The Black Pearl. There you’ll meet the rest of your Maldivian crew and the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme (MWSRP) marine biologists.

rear view of whale shark maldives 300x225 JUST ANNOUNCED   Amazing Last Minute Baa Atoll Cruise

Whale Shark Research Biologists will be Present on the Cruise

After chilling out and settling in, no time will be wasted in getting you in the water! An orientation dive will take place in North Male before you begin your journey north, through the idyllic coral chain of islands to Baa Atoll.

Reserve your space on this one-of-a-kind cruise today!

During the evening, the MWSRP biologists will formally introduce themselves and deliver a presentation about the organisation’s work and provide a short briefing about animal encounter conduct. The next day your dives will begin! Rasfaree Outside and Voshimas Thila, where grey reef sharks, green and hawksbill turtles and other wonders of the ocean will be awaiting you in the warm crystal clear tropical water. afternoon will bring the channel crossing to Baa Atoll – drawing you ever closer to some of the most extraordinary dive sites in the world.

Maldives Underwater Coral Cliff 199x300 JUST ANNOUNCED   Amazing Last Minute Baa Atoll Cruise

Explore the Stunning Coral Reefs of the Baa Atoll

Gather Incredible Knowledge from Marine Biologists

During evenings onboard the Black Pearl, the marine biologists will discuss with you the importance of the precious ecosystem through interactive presentations and conversations. You will also be given the opportunity to become involved in the research – taking photographs, monitoring behaviour and distuinguishing features, measuring animals (where possible), sexing, logging GPS coordinates, etc – and recording all of the data in one of the most comprehensive whale shark databases in the world. You’ll be introduced to and given the chance to use I3S, the spot pattern recognition software, originally developed by NASA and used to identify whale sharks and manta rays through their unique spot patterns. The biologists will be with you 24/7 giving you every opportunity to gain answers to those questions you have always wanted to ask.

 JUST ANNOUNCED   Amazing Last Minute Baa Atoll Cruise

The Black Pearl is the Perfect Liveaboard for a Dive Safari in the Maldives

Reserve your space on this one-of-a-kind cruise today!

Your dive locations will vary depending on wind and weather conditions. Please see the list of sites below for the scheduled dive sites. However, nothing is set in stone. If you particularly like a certain spot we may stay for another dive… or two.

Experience the Magic of Hanifaru Bay!

For example, Hanifaru! The lagoon is a natural phenomenon where you will almost certainly want to stay. Arrival will be scheduled for the best tide times to ensure the best chance of witnessing the manta ray feeding frenzy at is climax.

Dive Sites: Anga Faru, Dhigali Haa, Rangali Faru, 12.5 Thila, Maavaru Kandu, Muthaafushi House Reef (Night Dive ), Dharavandhoo thila, Milaidhoo Outside, Blue hole, Dhe Gaa Thila, Neli Varu, Don Fan thila, Blue Hole, Cake, Outside Reef, Udoodhoo West, Ranfaru, Hurualhi Corner, Kihaa Rock, Vadhoo Corner, Kihaadhoo Thila, Aidhoo Channel, Iru caves,…

Maldives Underwater Photos Grey Reef Sharks 300x208 JUST ANNOUNCED   Amazing Last Minute Baa Atoll Cruise

Dive with Grey Reef Sharks in the Baa Atoll

Day 13: Unfortunately, is the beginning of the end of your experience with the Black Pearl crew and MWSRP. The channel crossing voyage will begin… but don’t worry! You’ll sneak one last dive in at Lankan Manta point, where chances are you’ll get one last ‘manta ray fix’ before departing the incredible environment of the Republic of Maldives.

Reserve your space on this one-of-a-kind cruise today!

Day 14: Your crew will transfer you to Male airport for your departure where you can dream of your unforgettable experience over the past two-week experience.

Whale Shark Dive Trips 2010

July 19th, 2010 Comments off

Maldives Whale Shark Trips – Summer 2010

Is swimming with whale sharks something you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the chance?  Have you seen whale sharks in the wild before while scuba diving/snorkeling, but you’re dying for another opportunity to swim with them?  Now is your chance!  Maldives Dive  Travel is offering a wide selection of whale shark safaris this summer, so there’s bound to be one to suit your schedule and budget.  The following scuba diving safaris all depart from the city of Male, the capital of the Maldives.  Prices include accommodation, meals and diving.

Maldives Underwater Photos Diver and Whale Shark 300x224 Whale Shark Dive Trips 2010

Whale Shark Trips with Maldives Dive Travel in 2010

Maldives Whale Shark Dive Trips 2010

  • Stingray : August 17 – 24.  7 nights. USD $1,176
    Baa Atoll / Hanifaru
  • Black Pearl: August 30 – September 13.  14  nights.  USD $2,590.
    Hanifaru Whale Shark / Manta Ray safari with Marine Biologist on board
  • Black Pearl: September 13 – 20.  7 nights.  USD $1,295.
    Mamingili Beyru Whale Shark Safari with Marine Biologist on board
  • Stingray: September 15 – 22.  7 nights. USD  $1,176.
    Baa Atoll, Hanifaru
  • Theia: August 2 – 9. 7 nights. USD  $1,344.
    Baa Atoll, Hanifaru, Ari  and North Male Atoll
  • Theia: August 9-16. 7 nights. USD $1,344.
    Baa Atoll Hanifaru, Ari  and North Male Atoll
  • Theia: August 16-23, 7 nights. USD $1,344
    Baa Atoll Hanifaru, Ari  and North Male Atoll
  • Theia: August 23-30. 7 nights, USD $1,344
    Baa Atoll Hanifaru, Ari  and North Male Atoll
  • Theia: August 30 – September 6. 7 nights. USD $1,344
    Baa Atoll Hanifaru, Ari  and North Male Atoll
  • MV Orion: September 3 – 13,  10 nights USD $1,990
    Baa Atoll Hanifaru, Ari  and North Male Atoll
  • Theia: September 6-13. 7 nights, USD 1.344
    Baa Atoll Hanifaru, Ari  and North Male Atoll

All cruises on Theia are subject to the following surcharges on board: USD $8 p.p./p.n. obligatory Maldivian tourism tax + USD $14.50  fuel surcharge per person per night.

Please Note (valid for all boats):
Travelling to Baa Atoll and back requires adequate weather conditions and is subject to change. Prices are per person, per cruise in a standard cabin full board accommodation inclusive all dives.  On many of the boats, upgrades to other cabins are available at a cost.