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Sting Ray reports whale shark sighting at White Sands Beyru and Dhagethi Beyru

August 15th, 2009 Comments off

After a night over at southern Ari atoll, Dhangithi lagoon, diving resumed the next day morning from Kuda Rah Thila (protected marine area) that ranks as number one dive site around Dhangethi region.

In general a top dive and a great start, visibility remained poor but the fish life amazed every diver.

Whale Shark search day one

The search took off from Dhigurah Beyru and extended to White Sands Beyru (outer reef) and after spending 2 hours search the decision was made to go for the second dive at White Sands Beyru. 10 to 15 minutes into the dive came the mighty whale shark. Seeing whale shark underwater is the most unforgettable dive experience one can have.
Search continued and the day’s remaining dive was made at the outer reef.

Southern Ari atoll Region copy1 Sting Ray reports whale shark sighting at White Sands Beyru and Dhagethi Beyru

Whale Sharks search day two

Day two turns out to be another great day. Morning dive was at 5 Rocks, where diver got to see one of the uniquely formed reefs at this region.
Search began from the outer reef of Dhangethi where one was spotted and spent 10 to 15 minutes of snorkeling.
Sting Ray headed to the western side of the atoll and day’s second dive was made at Raidhigaa Thila and over night at Raidhigaa lagoon.

Gray reef sharks points

Gray reef shark (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos) is one of the most common reef sharks in the Maldives. In Ari atoll there are several dive sites where gray reef sharks can be seen. In order to see sharks an ideal current should be present at the dive site.
This week MV Sting Ray included some of the best site such as: Lahmiyaru Gaa Thila, Fish Head, Maaya Thila, Makaru Thila, Rashdoo Madivaru and Voshimas Thila from north Male’ atoll.

Out of these top sites the most highlighted ones were Fish Head (Mushimasmigili Thila), Makaru Thila Rasdhoo Madivaru and Voshimas Thila.
On all above dive sites visibility remained fair and the current were idea except for Vishimas Thila where the current was extremely strong.

Crossing over to north Male’ atoll

Early morning hammerhead dive was made according to the group’s liking which was not to spend more than 10 minutes in the blue water. After 10 minutes in blue dive was continued at the reef including the channel. No hammerhead was sighted.
Sting Ray entered north Male’ atoll from Madivaru Kandu and did second dive at Voshimas Thila where many white tip sharks were seen.
Third dive was made pretty late at Lankan Manta Point with mild out going current. Unfortunately no mantas were present at the cleaning station.