Top 5 Reasons to Book a Dive Trip with Emperor Atoll

September 25th, 2014

Divers don’t really need a reason to get in the water but liveaboards like Emperor Atoll make for great excuses to scuba. A wide range of dive cruisers take divers hopping around from reef to reef and choosing the ideal package for your Maldives dive vacation can be difficult.

The Maldives is well-known for megafauna like sharks, mantas, whale sharks and other large fish. Manta cleaning stations and feeding frenzies are features that attract tourists from all over the world. Booking a trip to the archipelago for a dive excursion is a no-brainer.


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Here are some of the reasons to book the king of the atolls – Emperor Atoll:

No.1 Awesome Itineraries
Making the most of a visit to the Maldives for divers means hitting up as many of the best dive spots as possible. Emperor Atoll offers different cruises for divers to experience the sights most sought out by scuba enthusiasts in the Maldives.

From reef fish to mantas, wrecks to rays, the channels, drifts and pinnacles on the “Best of Maldives” itinerary are sure to excite. Best of all, the cruise is flexible and adapted to the conditions of the day and season. The 17 dives per week included in the package usually venture around central atolls – Rasdhoo, North and South Ari, North and South Male, and Vaavu atolls. Highlights of the trip are the awesome marine mix of sharks, whalesharks, cleaning stations and wrecks. These tours run from October to the first week of January.

Then, during the rest of the high season, from January to April, things get seriously “Sharktastic”! This tour stays more to the south to take advantage of the flow of currents through the island nation. In South Ari and South Male as well as Vaavu and Meemu atolls sharks and other pelagics lurke around reefs and channels for divers to discover an exhilarating side of the Maldives.


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No.2 Diver’s delight
Liveaboards are by nature tailored to divers, though not all boats make all of the extra special accommodations that keen divers look for. Things like nitrox are key and make for a great reason to book a dive week on Emperor Atoll.

The scuba diving experience is made longer and arguably better when you give it a little air – nitrox air, that is. Nitrox diving allows for longer dive times and faster recovery times, making it an essential skill for avid divers. This means that boats that offer nitrox also become a necessity. Emperor Atoll not only has nitrox available but offers it free as part of their dive packages. Of course, tanks, weights and the dive guide are also available as part of the package.

While underwater fun is the priority, divers do have to come up for air sometime. Trips to deserted islands and tours around Male as well as cozy facilities on the ship are extras that make the Maldives experience more real and more exciting.


No.3 Ideal for individuals
It’s not always possible to find someone that can go on holiday at the same time or that shares the same borderline obsession with scuba. On Emperor Atoll, not a problem! They offer a single traveler’s guarantee to ensure same sex cabin sharing when booking a bed in shared accommodation. In the case that they don’t have a person to share the room that meets the same gender criteria, you will not share the room and not have to pay the single room supplement required for booking a single bed cabin. Have a blast with like-minded divers and don’t worry about traveling alone.


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No.4 Taster size
There are many expressions about size: “bigger is better”, “good things come in small packages”. Which one holds true will depend on your needs and preference. The 6 cabins of Emperor Atoll’s ship hold 12 passengers, making this a smaller size liveaboard. The petit size is great for many reasons. Liveaboard novices can get experience on this smaller vessel as a “taster”. Also, it can be hired out as a private charter for dive groups.


No. 5 Introductory offer!
Price is a mega motivator to book a dive trip. If you like getting good deals, and are looking for a trip in the next couple months, now is the time to book Emperor Atoll. Get a big discount on the regular rate of 177 euros per night with the Maldives Dive Travel introductory offer; it’s a really sweet deal. Save about 250 euros on a 7-night package by scooping up the limited time discount rate of just 994 euros per person per week for tours October to December.

This package offers great value with a fully packed week. All the meals, transfers, 17 dives per week, dive tanks, weights and nitrox, unlimited water, tea and coffee, a BBQ night, city tour of Male. For all of the package details see the full introductory offer here.

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