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Maldives Videos
Welcome to our Maldives video gallery. Here you can enjoy a selection of underwater videos, marine life videos, scuba diving videos, Maldives holiday videos and much, much more.

Do you have any videos from the Maldives that you would like to publish here in our gallery? Email us at webmaster@maldivesdivetravel.com and we will be delighted to include them.

Length: 00:24 Views: 1195

Anemone Fish Video

This video depicts a small Anemone Fish in its Anemone home in the Maldives. The Anemone Fish is a close relative of the better-known Clown Fish that was made famous by the hit movie "Finding Nemo". Both the Clown Fish and the Anemone Fish are members of the Amphiprioninae family and they usually grow to lengths somewhere between 10 and 18 centimetres. In the Maldives, scuba divers often see Anemone Fish in the many Anemones that inhabit the Maldivian coral reefs.

Length: 1.56 Views: 1004

Diving Among a Huge School of Fish

This breathtaking underwater video is taken by a scuba diver whose dive becomes obstructed by an enormous school of small fish swimming over a pretty coral reef. There are so many fish, in fact, that the scuba diver can not continue and must wait for the fish to pass. Some larger fish later appear to break up the enormous school of fish. This really is a sight to behold!

Length: 00:40 Views: 1309


This video of dolphins swimming in the Maldives is taken from a liveaboard scuba diving boat that?s going full speed ahead. Filmed from the top down you can see how friendly the dolphins are leading the liveaboard by swimming right in front of it. It also shows you the great speed at which dolphins can travel as it goes fast and steady across the magically clear waters of the Indian Ocean where the Maldives are located. These curious and friendly creatures are easily spotted due to the fact that they enjoy the company of humans very much and, as you can see in the video, they love to get up close and personal with their two-legged friends.

Length: 00:31 Views: 561


This is a video from the Maldives of a person's view following a pack of dolphins swimming together very close to the surface of the water. As you can tell by the way they keep a close distance to each other, dolphins love to travel in groups and as the saying goes "the more the merrier”. You can experience the whole splendor of these wonderful creatures when going scuba diving in the Maldives. Dolphins are definitely one of the top attractions for animal lovers anywhere in the world; and in the coral reefs of the Maldives spotting dolphins is as easy as getting inside the water.

Length: 04:22 Views: 110

Dreamcatcher II video May 2013

Get an idea about a scuba diving Safari in the blue Indian Ocean on board Dreamcatcher II. The boat is lovely and spacious, it takes only 14 divers per week.

Length: 00:25 Views: 765

Green Sea Turtle

This is a video of the majestic green sea turtle swimming right in front of the camera over a sunlit coral reef with a scuba diver in the background. In this particular shot you can appreciate the green sea turtle with another companion swimming right next to it amongst the many different species that inhabit the underwater world of the Maldives. The turtle floats with a sort of majestic and elegant movement towards the camera while you can see the scuba diver in the background observing this amazing species that is a very important part of the marine diversity seen in the Maldives.

Length: 00:36 Views: 344

Green Sea Turtle

This is an excellent video of a large green sea turtle feeding on the coral reef in the Maldives. The video shows the turtle hovering around the rocks and corals, nibbling on the coral reef. The sea turtle is surrounded by a selection of brightly-coloured reef fish, that are also feeding at the reef. Sea turtles are vegetarian creatures that mainly feed on the sea grasses that grow from the bottom of the ocean, and as such they live peacefully with the other underwater creatures.

Length: 00:42 Views: 470

Grey Reef Shark

This video shows a grey reef shark gliding through the waters around the Makaru Thila dive site in the Maldives. The grey reef shark is seen amid hundreds of smaller fish. Makaru Thila is a very popular dive site in the Maldives, known for the presence of grey reef sharks, tuna, fusiliers, white tip reef sharks and other large pelagic species. The grey reef shark is a large shark, reaching lengths of around 6 feet, that poses little threat to scuba divers. The grey reef shark is known to hunt mostly at night.

Length: 00:43 Views: 641

Grey Reef Shark Video at Makaru Thila

Beautiful video footage taken of a Grey Reef Shark swimming around the reef at Makaru Thila dive site in the Maldives. In the video, the Reef Shark is seen swimming through a nice variety of colourful reef fish. Makaru Thila dive site is often one of the highlights of scuba diving in the Maldives; scuba divers often report seeing groups of up to ten Grey Reef Sharks hanging around the reef.

Length: 04:26 Views: 68

Kite Surfing video Nautilus Two

Some of the cruises on board Nautilus Two in Maldives are dedicated for kite Surfing. Please contact us for Details. The main purpose oft he Nautilus Two cruises is scuba diving, all year round.

Length: 00:42 Views: 343

Large Sea Turtle Gliding through Maldives Waters

This video shows a Big Sea Turtle swimming alone in the Maldives and passing really close to the camera. You can see how the sea turtle moves so peacefully and gently while the camera captures the perfect movement of the specimen as it floats by leaving an astonishing detail of its majestic size and wonderful design. This spotted gentle turtle is surely one of the main attractions as you go scuba diving, and float in awe and admiration of one of the greatest and friendliest creatures that you can find dwelling about the coral reefs of these majestic islands.

Length: 00:30 Views: 336

Maaya Thila

This video shows a large reef shark swimming around the Maaya Thila dive site in Ari Atoll in the Maldives. Maaya Thila dive site is one of the most popular dive sites in the Maldives and it is well-known for being a good place to observe reef sharks. Maaya Thila is a popular dive site during the day and also as a night dive spot, when the behaviour of the marine life changes dramatically. At night time, the reef sharks are seen hunting, barracudas are seen feeding and moray eels are seen moving around away from the safety of the coral reef.

Length: 00:32 Views: 693

Maldives Air Taxi

This video is taken from the window of one of the many sea planes that are used as air taxis in the Maldives. Given the long distances between the islands of the Maldives, sea planes are by far the most efficient means of transport between the many islands. Sea plane tours of the Maldives are also a very popular attraction among tourists visiting the islands, as they offer amazing views of the pristine waters and palm-fronded islands of this spectacular country.

Length: 00:33 Views: 474

Maldives Reef

This video shows a close-up view of one of the many colourful coral reefs in the Maldives. In this video, you can see many yellow reef fish swimming about a beautiful variety of soft and hard corals and sea fans. In 2005, because of the Asian tsunami, many scuba diving destinations were affected by severe coral bleaching. The Maldives, however, was one of the fastest places to recover, and most coral reefs here are as colourful today as they were pre-2005.

Length: 1.00 Views: 357

Maldives Stingray Video

This video shows a group of Stingrays traveling across the Maldives seabed in a train-like fashion. Stingrays are one of several Ray species living in the Maldives, and while they are beautiful creatures to watch, you should exercise caution when stepping on a sandy ocean floor, in case there is a Stingray sleeping under the sand, since they carry a venomous sting in their "tail" or barb.

Length: 00:42 Views: 515

Manta Ray Ari Atoll

This amazing video includes close-up footage of an enormous Manta Ray gliding peacefully through the waters of the Ari Atoll in the Maldives. Manta Rays are the largest of all ray species; the largest recorded manta ray measured over 25 feet across. Despite their enormous size, manta rays are peaceful creatures and scuba divers that observe them quietly, without startling the mantas, can often enjoy hanging out with the manta ray for extended periods of time, watching the huge specimen seemingly "fly" through the ocean.

Length: 00:42 Views: 677

Manta Ray Video

Impressive video of an enormous Manta Ray in the Maldives. In the video, a variety of fish can be seen swimming close to the Manta Ray, some of which are "cleaning" the Manta Ray by feeding on the debris in the Manta Ray's massive gills. Manta Rays are some of the most amazing underwater creatures in the Maldives and are extremely popular with scuba divers thanks to their calm and peaceful nature. An adult Manta Ray can grow to an enormous 6 meters across and weigh up to 2,000 pounds.

Length: 0.21 Views: 453

Moray Eel Video from the Maldives

Video of a Spotted Moray Eel swimming around a coral reef at Cocoa Thila Dive Site in the Maldives. Moray Eels can grow to around 5 feet in length and generally spend their time hiding out in holes in the coral. This video shows an unusual encounter with a Moray Eel who has left his hole and is swimming around in the open, in full view of the scuba divers shooting the video. There are several species of Moray Eels in the Maldives, including the Green Moray Eel, Honeycomb Moray Eel and Spotted Moray Eel.

Length: 02:25 Views: 75

MV Leo video May 2013

The newest ship in the Constellation fleet ist he right choice for keen divers. You can expect professional and safe diving on this beautiful, comfoatable boat. Nitrox is included in the package price.

Length: 00:42 Views: 302

Oriental Sweetlips

This video shows a school of Oriental Sweetlips swimming about the coral reef in the Maldives. There are many varieties of the Oriental Sweetlip living in the Maldives, this particular variety is the Harlequin Oriental Sweetlip, which is one of the most popular varieties. Of all the species of reef fish that live in the Maldives, the Sweetlip is one of the most visually attractive and also one of the most common; scuba divers visiting the Maldives are almost guaranteed the opportunity to dive amid schools of these beautiful fish.

Length: 00:23 Views: 548


This video shows a beautiful large pufferfish swimming around the coral reef in the Maldives. The pufferfish is a family of fish also known as blowfish, balloon fish, globe fish and swell fish, amongst other names. The pufferfish is the second most poisonous vertebrate in the world after the golden poison dart frog. Nevertheless, the meat of a pufferfish is regarded as a delicacy in many cultures, particularly the Japanese culture. The pufferfish is equipped with a unique natural defence mechanism, for which they are named, which allows them to quickly inflate into a spiky ball, by filling their stomachs with water. Once inflated, the pufferfish is a much larger fish than before, making it more of a challenge to predators.

Length: 00:39 Views: 307

Reef Diving

This video shows a beautiful coral reef overhang in the Maldives. The reef in the video is being patrolled by a school of bright orange reef fish known as soldierfish, an extremely common reef-dwelling fish in the Maldives. In this video, you can appreciate the amazing visibility in the water. It is the combination of great visibility and interesting coral formations, both of which we can see in this video, that makes the Maldives one of the world's prime scuba diving destinations.

Length: 00:42 Views: 446

Reef Shark

This is a gorgeous video of a large grey reef shark patrolling the coral reef in the Maldives. The shark is swimming through crystalline waters with high visibility, perfect for scuba diving. Grey reef sharks are very impressive creatures to see while scuba diving, as they glide quickly and effortlessly through the waters. During the day, grey reef sharks are often seen in groups of up to 20 sharks, but by night they become solitary hunters and the coral reef becomes their hunting ground. Despite being carnivorous animals, the grey reef shark poses no real threat to scuba divers or swimmers, preferring to feed on small fish and cephalopods.

Length: 00:38 Views: 249

Scuba Divers Silhouette

This video shows a group of scuba divers swimming in the Maldives. The video is shot from below and the sunlight outside the water creates a stunning silhouette of the scuba divers. Also in the video, we can see a school of large pelagic fish which given the perspective of the video camera, appear to be almost the same size as the scuba divers. Many dive sites in the Maldives offer scuba divers the opportunity to dive with enormous pelagic fish, particularly the dive sites where a coral reef is situated close to a deep ocean channel. In these situations, it is common for the pelagic fish to swim up to the reef to feed on the smaller reef-dwelling fish.

Length: 00:33 Views: 249

Soft Coral Reef

This video shows a coral reef with a variety of soft and hard corals that are commonly found in hte Maldives. Among the variety of corals living in the Maldives, scuba divers are usually fortunate enough to see a number of sea fans, brain coral, stag coral, stony coral, black coral and thorny coral. There are more than 2,000 coral reefs in the Maldives, making it a paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers alike.

Length: 00:50 Views: 296

Stingray at Maaya Thila

Video of a Stingray captured during a night dive at Maaya Thila in the Ari Atoll in the Maldives. Maaya Thila Dive Site is one of the most popular places in the Maldives for doing night dives. As well as Stingrays, there are great opportunities for seeing Reef Sharks, Octopus, Stonefish and Moray Eels.

Length: 03:54 Views: 63

Stingray video May 2013

Stingray is well known in the international scuba diver comunity for it`s terrific diving and excellent Price/ value for money. Nitrox available on board for Nitrox certified divers.

Length: 2:21 Views: 483

Theia Maldives

Take a virtual tour of the upper and top deck as well as the dive boat of luxury liveaboard Theia in the Maldives.

Length: 03:20 Views: 69

Theia video May 2013

Get an impression how big, comfortable and stylish Theia is. This small video leads you to all public areas oft he ship, photos from the cabins can be seen in our gallery.

Length: 00:22 Views: 172


This video shows two green sea turtles in the Maldives. The first sea turtle is seen hovering above the coral reef, seemingly resting in a sheltered corner. The second sea turtle is seen swimming over the coral reef, above the first green sea turtle. This video perfectly captures the essence of the sea turtle's calm and tranquil nature, which makes it one of the most popular underwater creatures with scuba divers around the world, including the Maldives.

Length: 1.39 Views: 485

Underwater Video of Grey Reef Sharks in the...

This video is taken by a group of divers who haved tied themselves down to the reef at Atabu Thila in the Maldives. This dive site is subjected to very strong currents, which is why so many sharks are attracted to this spot. In the video you can appreciate a very large grey reef shark swimming past the scuba divers. You can tell how strong the currents are just by looking at the fish that are getting pulled around in the water. If you need to anchor yourself to the reef while scuba diving, be sure to choose a rocky part of the reef and not an actual coral, since the slightest touch can cause irreparable damage to a coral.

Length: 00:52 Views: 367

Video of a Grey Reef Shark at Makaru Thila

Video of a Grey Reef Shark at Makaru Thila in the Maldives. Grey Reef Sharks are commonly found at various dive sites around the Maldives, where they are very popular among scuba divers. Grey Reef Sharks are typically non-aggressive sharks and as such pose no threat to scuba divers. Makaru Thila is one of many great scuba diving sites in the Maldives where you can see Grey Reef Sharks in action.

Length: 1.19 Views: 278

Video of a Moray Eel at Bodufinolhu Thila

This is a great underwater video showing a snowflake moray eel hiding among the coral formations at Bodufinolhu Thila in the Maldives. Moray eels are usually found hiding between rocks throughout the day and they venture out to hunt and roam around at nighttime. This snowflake moray eel seems to be about 4 feet long. Moray eels are abundant in the Maldives. It is common for scuba divers to see several varieties, including the green moray eel, honeycomb moray and this, the snowflake moray eel.

Length: 0.54 Views: 236

Video of a White Tip Reef Shark in the Maldives

A video of a White Tip Reef Shark swimming up to a diver in the Maldives. This scuba diver is anchored to the reef with a rope. At Guraidhoo Corner Dive Site, one of the best dive sites in the Maldives, the currents are very strong, so divers have to tie themselves to the reef. This video shows a large Grey Reef Shark swimming through a wide variety of small reef fish, several coral formations and a large anemone on the main reef. Currents at Guraidhoo Corner are extremely strong and as such this site is only recommended for experienced scuba divers who are accustomed to turbulent waters.

Length: 00:40 Views: 388

Video of Anemones in the Maldives

This video shows a mass of Anemones living on a coral reef in the Maldives. A closed Anemone is the main focal point of the video. Sea Anemones are very common in the Maldives and can be found all over many of the dive sites frequented by scuba divers in the Maldives.

Length: 3:52 Views: 464

Video of Manta Rays in the Maldives

This is an amazing video produced by the BBC in the Maldives. The video shows several massive Manta Rays seemingly gliding through the ocean, close to the coral reef. A female snorkeler swims up to the Manta Rays and you can see that the Manta Rays are not disturbed by the human presence. This video also shows the "cleaning" process of a Manta Ray, during which many small fish pass through the gills of the Manta Ray, removing dead tissue.

Length: 00:29 Views: 355

Video of Sea Turtles Mating in the Maldives

This is an unusual video showing Green Sea Turtles mating in the open water of Maldives. Green Turtles, just like most species of marine turtle, are an endangered species and have very particular reproductive and nesting habits, so to capture a video of two Green Turtles mating is really an amazing feat.

Length: 00:31 Views: 362

Whale Shark

This is a great video of a massive whale shark seen swimming very close to the camera in the Ari Atoll in the Maldives. The whale shark is one of the major attractions for scuba divers visiting the Maldives. Whale sharks are remarkably docile creatures, given their immense size - they can grow up to 12 meters, making it the largest fish species in the world. Whale sharks can be identified by their white spotted pattern on their grey body. Just like the human fingerprint, the whale shark's pattern is unique to each whale shark, and this pattern is used to identify the whale sharks in research studies throughout the world, as the sharks' migratory behaviours are tracked.

Length: 03:40 Views: 757

Whale Shark Video

Video of a group of snorkelers swimming up close with an enormous Whale Shark in the Maldives. This video includes excellent close-up footage of the Whale Shark so you can really appreciate the Whale Shark's spotted markings, enormous mouth and huge gills. In this video, the snorkelers get really close to the Whale Shark, and because the Whale Shark is swimming so close to the surface, they are able to resurface for breath and descend again with the Shark for some more action... this is a dream for any snorkeler in the Maldives.

Length: 00:42 Views: 516

Whale Shark Video from Ari Atoll

This video shows an amazing Whale Shark swimming in Ari Atoll in the Maldives. This particular Whale Shark is approximately 12 feet in length and has an interesting spotted pattern on his back. Each Whale Shark has a unique pattern and they can actually be identified by the pattern of spots on their back. Whale Sharks are one of the prime attractions for scuba divers visiting the Maldives as they are such enormous, yet docile creatures. They are also popular with snorkelers as it is easy to find Whale Sharks close to the water's surface so you don't need to wear scuba gear to experience a Whale Shark up close.

Length: 00:49 Views: 257

White Tip Reef Shark

This video shows a White Tip Reef Shark circling around the coral reef in the Maldives at night. Reef Sharks do most of their hunting at night. This video was taken during a night dive in the Maldives. Night dives are very interesting experiences because they are so different from a daytime scuba dive - the marine life seen during a night dive tends to be very different and it is a very exhilarating experience because of the intense darkness in the waters.

Length: 00:57 Views: 214

Whitetip Reef Shark

This video shows a whitetip reef shark darting through the waters around a coral reef in the Maldives at night. While sharks can be seen during the day in the Maldives, they begin hunting after nightfall, so to see one during a night dive is usually more interesting. This whitetip reef shark can be seen chasing a number of small reef-dwelling fish. This particular shark is seen here hunting alone, but it is very common to see whitetips traveling in groups, hunting small fish, crustaceans and octopus. The whitetip reef shark is a type of requiem shark, although it is a unique member of this species, since it does not need to come to the surface for air. Instead, the whitetip can push water over its gills and remain on the bottom of the ocean floor.

Length: 00:36 Views: 559

Yellow and Blueback Fusilier

This video shows a school of yellow and blueback fusiliers swimming above a coral reef in the Maldives. The Yellow and Blueback Fusilier is a very common reef fish in the Indo-Pacific Oceans, and the Maldives is no exception. It is a species that lives around coral reefs and can measure up to 40cm in length. This video shows how clearly you can see fish in the Maldives, thanks to the amazing visibility in the waters, which makes the Maldives one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in the world.